LaCie’s Sphere – on-desk designer stor(e)age

LaCie Christofle Sphere external hard drive

Dragged kicking and screaming into doing the right thing and backing up your computer, but not keen on the assortment of boxy storage devices on offer? Then the LaCie Sphere has you clearly in mind.

The  LaCie Sphere is a 1 terabyte external hard drive, measuring 134 x 134 x 125 mm, with a high-speed USB 3.0 interface (that will also work fine with USB 2.0, it will just be… slower).

On the software front, automatic backup has been included, along with password protection, and an Automatic Eco Mode that will power down the Sphere when it is left idle. There’s only one cord needed, used both to transfer the data to and from your computer, and to power the device.

That’s the tech stuff covered. But the main feature of the Sphere is its look. LaCie has worked with the renowned French firm Christofle, that has been making very nice things in precious metals since 1830. The skin of the Sphere is indeed silver, shaped, plated and polished in Christofle’s Normandy factory.

The LaCie Sphere is expected to go on sale in Australia at the end of this month. The Australian price of the LaCie Sphere? $669. Yikes. That’s pricey, yes, but then you’re not buying this simply because you need a 1TB hard drive, are you?