Pacemaker DJ app, Spotify and iPad – a very musical mix

The Pacemaker DJ app for Spotify and iPad

If you’ve ever listened to a mashup or a DJ mix in a club or on record, and thought, “That sounds like fun, I’d like to have a go at that”, there’s a new easy-to-use app that will let you do so. Provided, that is, that you have an iPad and a premium Spotify account.

The new iPad app is called Pacemaker, and it is available for free download now from iTunes.

“Our vision has always been to make it possible for anyone to have fun with music. With the design of Pacemaker for iPad and its integration of Spotify, I think we’re on the right track,” said Jonas Norberg Co-founder & CEO, Pacemaker.

As you can glimpse in the video above – in the closeups of the app, rather than the somewhat creepy dancing – Norberg’s vision of it being an easy-to-use app looks to be a valid claim.

Shipping free with the app you’ll be able to make loops, sync beats between tracks, add reverb and echo. Other tools include an equaliser, crossfaders, and scratch. Pacemaker is a freemium app, with in-app purchases allowing you to add more filters and effects. From within the app you will also be able to upload your mixes for posterity.

In addition to working with Spotify, Pacemaker will also let you play around your iTunes-purchased tracks.

While the app itself is free, as I mentioned earlier, it will only work if you are a paying Spotify customer. The cost of being such a customer is $11.99 per month, giving you ad-free access to over 20 million tracks.

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