Macro photography: Eyes as you’ve never seen them before

Suren Manvelyan's Your Beautiful Eyes image

Suren Manvelyan's 'Your Beautiful Eyes' gallerySomeone passed me a link to a stunning gallery of photographs yesterday and I thought I’d pass the link along to you. The photo that leads this story is but one of the 20 photographs in the series, entitled ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’, from Amenian photographer Suren Manvelyan.

When I was looking at these photos yesterday, someone behind me thought I was looking at pictures of planets. But no, these are are extremely fine examples of macro photography, close-up shots of human eyes.

The photographer is 35 years old, with a PhD in Theoretical Physics, who became a professional photographer in 2006. These pictures are indeed beautiful, and what I like most is the absolute truth they tell about the human eye. They are not the beautiful eyes of glossy fashion shots, and they are not the nice, neat spheres we so often admire and comment upon. These are eyes in all of their organic glory.

With more than a few of the shots I wondered if these are examples of healthy eyes, young eyes, old eyes… if there are any optometrists or opthamologists reading this I’d love to hear what you think of the shots!

So please, visit Suren Manvelyan’s ‘Your Beautiful Eyes Gallery’ – the photos might creep you out a little, but have a look, they are brilliant shots. I’ve written to the photographer to find out more about these shots, and what gear was used, and will add to the article when I receive his reply.