Polaroid 300 camera – an instant classic?

Polaroid 300 camera, black

Polaroid 300 camera, blue

If you like a little gimmickry with your photography, Polaroid has resurrected the notion of instant photography with the Polaroid 300 camera. Resurrected the brand and mode of photography really, as the camera looks like a slight update of the Fujifilm Instax Mini.

Gone is the old 3.1 inch square photographs of the Polaroid 600 era, instead the Polaroid 300 produces business card-sized photographs, a picture size of 5.33 x 8.6 cm and an image size of 4.57 x 6.1 cm.

The Polaroid 300 runs on 4 AA-size batteries, and is available in either black, red or blue.

Do keep in mind, this is not a digital camera, it is a film camera – the camera shoots out the film after taking the picture, and develops right in front of your eyes shortly after.

Polaroid 300 price and availability

The camera has an RRP of US$89.99, though you can buy the Polaroid 300 cheaper online. Film needed is Polaroid 300 Instant Film, sold separately to the camera, around US$10 for 10-pack of film.

The Australian price of the Polaroid 300 is around $150 for the camera, and $20 for a 10-pack of film.

Polaroid 300 camera, black