Neil Young? There’s an app for that.

Neil Young, blu-ray, iPad app, iPhone app, iTunes, music download

Neil Young, blu-ray, iPad app, iPhone app, iTunes, music download

On Facebook today, Neil Young announced not only a new album, aka a collection of tracks you can buy on vinyl, CD, Blu-ray and iTunes, he announced a forthcoming iPhone app and iPad app to accompany the downloaded version of the songs.

The new album, a solo record, is called ‘Le Noise’, and has a release date of September. Rolling Stone quotes the producer, Daniel Lanois, as saying “”We cut a couple of solo acoustic songs, but the rest is very electric.” So in Young genre parlance, it’s going to be a little bit Hawk, a little bit Dove.

Neil might have been around for a while, but he’s never one to have sat still. Musically back in he day was one of the only long-established musicians to ‘get’ punk rock. Technologically, he embraced the internet quite early in the piece, and he – infamously – held back his long-awaited Archive recordings until he felt that the technology was available to best present the sound, which was Blu-ray.

Here’s what Neil posted on Facebook today:

‘Le Noise’ is complete. It is a solo record. Playbacks are happening now. Release date is September 28th. It will be available in Vinyl, CD and I-Tunes in the first edition, followed by Blu-Ray, and an APP for I-Phone and I-Pad a month or so later. The app will be free. It gives you an interactive album cover. Forgive my use of the word “album”. I am old school. Peace ny

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