Making the most of the Nokia N8 camera

Tutorials at the Nokia N8 Camera School will help you become a better photographer or movie maker.

Nokia N8 smartphone, Nokia N8 mobile phone

While opinion may be divided on the success of the Nokia N8 as a smartphone, and its Symbian^3 operating system, it has drawn generally favourable comment on the quality of its camera functions, both as a camera and videocamera.

That’s not to say the Nokia N8 is a replacement for a standalone digital camera or videocamera, but at a pinch it will produce decent results.

So Nokia has commissioned Haje Jan Kamps, author of the blog, to write a series of articles for the Nokia N8 Camera School.

Individual tutorials are available on these topics and more:

  • Street photography
  • Macro photography
  • Controlling depth of field
  • Photographing urban landscapes
  • Nature photography
  • Framing video scenes
  • Tips for better nature videos
  • Reportage and documentary film-making
  • Lighting for video
  • Creating extreme sport videos
  • Filming dialogue
  • Filming action sequence
  • Editing video to music
  • Distributing your video
  • Scripting a video

While commissioned for Nokia, the tutorials at the N8 Camera School provide good general tips for any budding photographer or movie / documentary maker.