nPower PEG – you are the power!

nPower PEG - turns kinetic energy into power for your iPod, cell phone, mobile phone, GPS

The nPower PEG is a small device you can carry on your person, or in a bag, that converts kinetic energy generated by your movements into power held in an internal battery.

Place the nPower PEG upright in your pocket or bag, or, if you’re a cyclist, strap it to your leg using a strap (available as an optional extra).

You can then plug the nPower PEG into mobile phones, iPods and portable multimedia players, GPS and portable gaming devices, and more. Please note, it will NOT, amongst other devices, charge notebook and netbook computers, or Apple iPads. nPower claim the PEG is compatible with more than 3,000 devices. For more information on the list of devices the nPower PEG will work with, visit the nPower Compatibility page.

Inside the nPower PEG is a 1000mAh lithium Polymer battery. As a guide to how much power your movement generates, nPower provide the following guide. Please note that the amount of kinetic energy generated, and how long that will power a device, varies according to exercise type and exerciser, and the type of device to be charged:

  • 5 minutes of walking provides approximately 1 minute of talk time on an iPhone 2G
  • 10 minutes of walking provides approximately 1 minute of talk time on an iPhone 3G
  • 1 minute of walking provides approximately 1 minute of listening time on an iPod Nano

nPower PEG price and availability

The nPower PEG is made by Tremont Electric, and has been on sale since March this year, and sells for US$150. At the time of writing the product is on back order – to put your name on the waiting list, visit the nPower website to reserve or buy your PEG.

nPower PEG specifications

  • Outer casing: Titanium
  • Color: nPower® Green, anodised finish
  • Size: 9″ tall; Top & Bottom Cylinders: 1′” diameter; Center Cylinder: 1.5″ diameter
  • Weight: 12 oz. (just under)
  • Energy storage capacity: 1000mAh lithium Polymer battery
  • Voltage: 5V DC, 500mA output range
  • Watts: 2.5 Watts
  • Operating temperature: -30 C to 60 C (-22º to 140º F)