Griffin AirStrap for iPad – a hands-on iPad case

Griffin AirStrap for iPad; iPad case

Griffin AirStrap iPad case front and back

The Griffin AirStrap is an iPad case that’s a little more hands-on than its competitors.

Slip the iPad into the AirStrap, and the structured frame protects the edge of the iPad, plus the buttons and connectors.

But the real feature to love is located on the back of the AirStrap. Built into the back is a wide neoprene strap, providing a comfortable and secure way to hold your iPad in one hand.

I visited an Apple Store today, and noted that the sales staff all use the Griffin AirStrap to carry their ever-present iPads. That’s a pretty good indicator that the AirStrap is a useful and comfortable product

Griffin AirStrap for iPad; iPad case

Griffin AirStrap for iPad price

The Griffin AirStrap for iPad is available now, at an RRP of $59.95.

Buy iPad accessories, including the Griffin AirStrap, from the Apple Online Store . To locate the AirStrap, click ‘Cases’ on the left-hand side of the linked Apple Online Store page. Or you could click on the Amazon link below.