PowerCube – a current design award winner

Allocacoc PowerCube red

The Red Dot Design Award is a big deal in the design world, and one of the 2014 award winners, the Allocacoc PowerCube, is now available in Australia.

Breaking from the traditional flat-row of power sockets, the PowerCube is presented in the form of, as the product name and pictures above and below indicate, a cube. This allows the PowerCube to stand out as different, and eliminates the problem that traditional multi-socket powerboards have with maxi-sized power plugs taking up too much room and not allowing all of the sockets to be used.

Two models will be on sale in Australia, the PowerCube Extended (priced at $29.95 RRP) and PowerCube Extended USB ($39.95 RRP). The PowerCube Extended has five sockets, while the PowerCube Extended USB model has four power sockets, and two USB ports.

Both models have a 1.5 metre cord, are available in four colours, and include a stick-on dock to allow the PowerCube to be wall- or desk-mounted.

The PowerCube Extended sells for $29.95 RRP, and the PowerCube Extended USB is $39.95 RRP. Both are available at Officeworks and Dick Smith stores.

Allocacoc's PowerCube, the world’s smallest 4-­?5 multi socket powerboard.