Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door refrigerator

Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door refrigerator

Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door refrigerator

The SRF801GDLS is Samsung’s new premium fridge, an 801 litre, French Door-style fridge with separate different cooling compartments. Up top is the fridge, down below the freezer, and in the middle is a FlexiZone.

Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door refrigerator FlexiZone drawer

The FlexiZone is flexible, in both organisational and cooling options. The FlexiDraw can be configured to sort your food and drinks in four adjustable compartments. You can also adjust, independently to the rest of the appliance, the middle draw to one of four preset temperatures:

  • Meat/Fish Soft Defrost -3 degrees C
  • Cold Drinks 0 degrees C
  • Deli/snacks 3 degrees C
  • Wine Chill 6 degrees C

The tech in this refrigerator extends to the interior light. The LED light emits little heat, requires less power, and last longer than an incandescent-style of bulb.


I did mention at the top of this article that the Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door is the company’s new premium fridge. This is reflected in the price, which is $4,999 RRP.

Samsung SRF801GDLS French Door refrigerator


  • 801L gross total capacity
  • 225L gross freezer capacity
  • 461L gross refrigerator capacity
  • 115L gross FlexiZone capacity
  • 1 foldable shelf
  • Refrigerator features: Humidity control available, spill-proof shelf available, 5 shelves, 2 vegetable and fruit drawer, 6 door pockets, 2 gallon door storage
  • Freezer features: Freezer drawer, freezer door pocket
  • Dimensions: 908 x 920 x 1774 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 164.3 kg net weight; 182 kg gross weight

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