STM Jacket computer bag review

STM Jacket computer bag

STM Jacket computer bag

The STM Jacket is a laptop sleeve style of bag, that you can buy in several sizes, to suit anything from an iPad up to a 17 inch notebook computer.

Now it’s called a sleeve bag because it’s very much a cut-down computer bag. There’s pockets and nooks and crannies, but this a bag for a person on the go, travelling light, not someone who tries to make their computer bag carry every computer accessory they own.

STM Jacket computer bag

And as I said, there lots of places to put things. Other than your iPad or computer of course. On front there’s a zippered pocket, plus a slip pocket that, the labels say, is custom-fit to take your iPhone. Or any other mobile phone I’d imagine. On the back, is another slip pocket, a bigger one, almost as tall and as wide as the bag itself.

I have the XS size on hand for this review, and I must say it has a surprisingly generous amount of padding. I still wouldn’t like to drop it the bag with a computer in it, but to protect what’s inside from bumps, knocks and projectiles, I’d say it would do a decent job of protection.

The grab handle is heavily stitched, and I think the combination of plastic, nylon mesh and metal that makes up the shoulder strap ensemble would bear up well.


For a longer look at the STM Jacket, I’ve embedded below a video review, running just over 5 minutes, made by the people from Insanely Great Mac. Please note that the prices given in the video are in US dollars. Australian pricing is given a little bit further down this page.


  • Main fabric: Dot nylon
  • Lining: Soft brushed polyester
  • Internal measurements: 23.2 x 33.2 x 3 cm (9.1 x 13 x 1.2 inches)
  • External measurements: 24.8 x 35.3 x 4 cm (9.7 x 13.8 x 1.5 inches)
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs 0.25 kg

STM Jacket computer bag prices

The STM Jacket is available in five sizes:

  • iPad – funnily enough, the iPad fits in this one
  • XS – fits most 11 inch netbooks
  • S – fits most 13 inch notebooks
  • M – fits most 15 inch notebooks
  • L – fits most 17 inch notebooks

The iPad size is available in black with a teal trim, while all other sizes are available in two colours, black/green and chocolate/rust.

And the prices are:

  • iPad and XS – $49.95 RRP
  • S/M/L – $59.95 RRP

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