Stormtrooper family beats stick figure family

Stormtrooper stickers for your car

Stormtrooper stickers for your car

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but up here in Queensland it seems most cars on the road have those family member stickers on the back window of their cars. It’s like some sort of sticker pandemic.

So instead of flying the same flag as everyone, if you must tell the world in sticker form the number and makeup of your family, why not go the Star Wars route and let loose your inner stormtrooper?

The ‘standard’ set of Mum and Dad stormtrooper, and matching set of 2 kid/pet stormtroopers, will cost you US$6. Additional characters will cost US$1.50, and if you want a colour other than white, this can be arranged.

You can pick up your stormtrooper family car stickers at SCDJ1125’s shop on Etsy. Postage is an additional US$1.50 for the US, and US$3 for everywhere else.

Stormtrooper stickers for your car

Hat tip to Erica S

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