Gossip Girl season 3

Gossip Girl cast shot

Gossip Girl season 3 DVD boxGossip Girl series 3 has everything (and more) you’ve come to expect from the rich, famous and beautiful on the Upper East Side.

The usual gang regroups, ready for the world post high school… but as ever secrets, mysterious events and strangers with secrets will shape their world and rock their very foundations.

The season starts with Serena returning from a break in Europe, where she has been on secret, and personal, mission. Fruits of this will unfold over the the length of the season. Having finally got it together, Chuck and Blair are happy together in their palatial love nest – although Blair’s uncertainty about attending NYU, and Chuck’s ongoing issues with emotional intimacy threaten their happiness.

Dan and Little Jenny continue to dwell as the outsiders, although Dan is headed to NYU on his path to become a writer. Others in the GG gang also head to NYU, and this new location sees some character dynamics shift. Jenny is in for the ride of her life at Constance High School and her true colours shine through with alarming result in this series.

Meanwhile the impossibly handsome Nate is back in the fold of his family and falling into line with his grandfather’s grand plans for him… or is he?

And yes, there is a cliffhanger, bang of an ending to the season.

Family drama abounds for each of the main characters as do personal challenges and disappointments aplenty. Seriously, I ploughed through this series – glossy, girly, glamorous and great fun!

Episode titles

There’s an ongoing allusion to movies in Gossip Girl, which if you watch episode 16 in Gossip Girl Mode (see below for more on this) you’ll learn more about. In the meantime, enjoy the movie-themed episode titles.

  • 1. Reversals of Fortune
  • 2. The Freshmen
  • 3. The Lost Boy
  • 4. Dan de Fleurette
  • 5. Rufus Getting Married
  • 6. Enough About Eve
  • 7. How to Succeed in Bassness
  • 8. The Grandfather: Part II
  • 9. They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?
  • 10. The Last Days of Disco Stick!
  • 11. The Treasure of Serena Madre
  • 12. The Debarted
  • 13. The Hurt Locket
  • 14. The Lady Vanished
  • 15. The Sixteen Year Old Virgin
  • 16. The Empire Strikes Jack
  • 17. Inglorious Bassterds
  • 18. The Unblairable Lightness Of Being
  • 19. Dr. Estrangeloved
  • 20. It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
  • 21. Ex-Husbands and Wives
  • 22. Last Tango, Then Paris

Gossip Girl cast shot

Gossip Girl season 3 – bonus features

On the last disc, there are two music video, ‘Bitch’ by the Plasticines, and ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga. And a gag reel, which runs for 10 minutes. You might miss it in the menu on the last disc, it’s not called ‘Gag Reel’, it’s called ‘lol’ – very Gossip Girl.

Episode 16, ‘The Empire Strikes Jack’ gives you the option of watching in Gossip Girl Mode. In this mode, at certain points pop-up factoids appear, plus throughout the episode the show pauses, and production staff chime in on plotline and character background, who’s who in cameo roles, and info on the actors and fashion.

Gossip Girl season 3 – price

The 5 disc box set of season 3 of Gossip Girl is on sale now, at a cost of $59.95 RRP.