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Tokyoflash Design Challenge, Tokyo flash Design Challenge

Tokyoflash Design Challenge, Tokyo flash Design ChallengeOver the past couple of months I’ve written about numerous design concepts produced by the Tokyoflash team. These are at the time of publishing purely designs only, but if they receive good feedback, and the company like and feel strongly about the design, then some of them may indeed go into production.

In the last few days, Tokyoflash have widened their design net. They have started a competition for watch designs, the Tokyoflash Design Challenge. The competition brief is to come up with “your own creative idea for a unique wrist watch design”. Entries can be 3D renderings, 2D graphic designs, illustrations, sketches or simply text ideas.

At the time of writing there have been six entries submitted and published on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. One of the entries, in fact it’s the design that accompanies this article, is On Air, by Iskender Asanaliev. It’s my favourite so far, and has drawn the most positive comments I’ve yet seen on the Tokyoflash blog.

If this is of interest, head over to the Tokyoflash Design Challenge page, where you’ll find the entry form, along with the terms and conditions. And do take particular note of the following options on the entry form:

By submitting this design, I would like to give Tokyoflash Japan the right to use this design freely and to develop and produce this design if they wish.


By submitting this design, I would like to keep the rights to my design and do not want Tokyoflash Japan to develop it.

Choose wisely here. Give it to Tokyoflash for the glory, or keep all the rights and control what happens with your design.

There’s no start and finish dates that I can see, so it looks like it may well be an ongoing competition.

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