SWSpeakers Magic Flute speakers

SWSpeakers Magic Flute speakers

SWSpeakers Magic Flute speakersFancy a set of speakers that looks like a team of small rockets in trick flying formation suspended in time? Well the Magic Flute from SWSpeakers might fit the bill.

Looking at them you’d probably by struck by the unique look, and suspect that you’re in the presence of some high-end audio. You’d be right. I couldn’t find an Australian price, but in English Pounds, they cost £60,000 per pair. Yikes!

SWSpeakers was founded in 2006, in Sweden. And yes, these speakers are Swedish, but they have a wider European DNA than that. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The carbon fibre chassis – Sweden
  • Aluminum parts, special and customised finish – Denmark
  • High-end cables from Jorma Design – Sweden
  • High-end and customised speakers elements from SEAS – Norway
  • High-end cross-over components, (include silver caps) from Jantzen Audio – Denmark
  • Connecters from WBT – Germany

The Magic Flute speakers is the first product from the SWSpeakers company. The design was first drawn in 2000, and the final product appeared in 2009.

The thinking behind the design, the reason the individual stacked speakers are shaped like rockets, or turbines, is to propel all of the sound forward, eliminating “as many cabinet noises, edge diffractions and reflections as possible”.


  • Drive units: Tweeter: Each speaker has 4 drivers tweeter, is a 25mm soft dome tweeter with a novel ‘Neodymium based magnet system.
  • Mid Woofers and Bass: Large magnate system, precision cast and surface treated magnesium cone, heavy copper rings and extremely stiff and stable injection moulding. Midwoofer: ø146 mm and bass 1x ø220 mm.
  • Cross-Over: Designed to be KIS (Keep It Simple). Very simple XO to have the least interference with the musical path. Also designed to fit and match turbine smooth design, and to generate smooth roomy sounds.
  • Crossover frequency: Frequency : 440Hz, 1500Hz and 4300Hz
  • Response: Sensitivity: 36Hz – 25kHz ±3dB on reference axis
  • Nominal impedance: 89dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
  • Power handling: Tweeter 6?, midrange and bass is 8? (minimum 3.0?)
  • Dimensions: Ca. Height: 1550mm Ca. Width: woofer max point 410 mm Ca. Depth: woofer 800mm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Finishes: Clear carbon fibre finish or RAL colours are also available.
  • Special features: Ability to tip down tweeter cabinet ca 10 degree to obtain more direct sound in small rooms.

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