Nokia U design sketch winner

Nokia Design by Community / Nokia U sketches

The Nokia Design by Community project began back in mid-March, and work, decisions and voting continues. Voting? Yes, this is a design project only, with the public voting on display and user interface, size and shape, materials, operating system, connectivity, camera, phone name, concept sketches and design render. By the way, the name chosen for the phone was Nokia U.

Nokia Design by Community / Nokia U sketches

And the design sketches have now been voted on. Three sketches were put forward by the Nokia designers, and the picture at the top of this post was adjudged the winner. It received 7,276 votes. Sketches 2 and 3, appearing in second and third position in this post, received 5,522 and 5,238 votes respectively. Excuse the watermark on the sketches, Nokia seem to have gotten a little protective with these images.

Nokia Design by Community / Nokia U sketches

In comments on the Nokia Conversations blog, voters noted that the designs looked quite familiar, aspects of each of the designs borrowed from existing Nokia models. This was deliberate:

A lot of people commented – quite rightly – that the designs resemble existing or announced product lines. The design team told us that they’d used the existing “design language” of Nokia’s devices to produce the sketches. This means that they are all identifiably Nokia phones. They were also cautious about releasing “spoilers” of device designs that may or may not appear in the future.

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