Threadless TRON T-shirt design competition

Threadless TRON T-shirt design competition, TRON Javolta

Threadless TRON T-shirt design competition, TRON Javolta

The very cool t-shirt company Threadless is in the last weeks of running a t-shirt design contest, inviting the public to come up with a design inspired by the movie TRON. The competition is of course being run to promote the upcoming Disney sequel to the original film, called TRON: Legacy.

The first prize in the Tron contest is:

  • TRON Motorcycle Suit (in the size of your choice, available in male and female versions) ($950 value)
  • Oakley GasCan 3D sunglasses ($150 value)
  • Monster TRON headphones
  • TRON Evolution video game for PS3.
  • PDP game controller
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • $3,000 in cash from Threadless

If you’ve the time and the design chops, competition details and entry submission is via the Threadless TRON: Legacy T-shirt design challenge page. At the time of writing there have only been 30 designs submitted.

You’ll also find a gallery of entries already submitted. My favourite so far is the Tron Javolta design, pictured above.

The competition closes October 17, 2010.