Tivoli Model One+ dabbles in DAB+

Tivoli Audio Model One+ Grey lifestyle

Tivoli Audio’s Model One digital radio is something of a retro design classic. In fact it’s been around so long now it’s both retro and venerable. And while its look hasn’t changed with the new Model One+, it does have some new tech inside.

The + in the name signifies the addition of DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting+).  The improvement of DAB+ over DAB is in the efficiency and quality of the broadcasting signal, which in turn allows broadcasters to more easily offer more niche stations – dance, rap, decade-focused (70s, 80s, …), community stations, and so on. It’s been around for a while now, so the important point here is that the Model One+ has it onboard.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ Grey White

Other mode options on the One+ are to plug in a device via the auxiliary jack around the back, or pair via Bluetooth. With a veritable world full of DAB+ radio stations to choose from the five station pre-set buttons (for each frequency!) lets you easily access your favourite stations. Another help to find stations is the Scan button on the front, that will search for local stations.

The Model One+ also functions as an alarm clock, and to help you navigate all the modes and all the stations, a remote control is included.

Tivoli Audio Model One+ Oak

Price and availability

The Tivoli Audio is available now, in three colours: walnut/beige, grey/white, and oak/black.

The RRP is $399.

UPDATE: 28 October 2020

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tivoli Audio company, there’s a limited edition of the Tivoli Model One BT available. Apart from the quite noticeable 20th Anniversary logo on the top of the cabinet, the design departure for the limited edition is that the three knobs on the front of the device are made from the same polished walnut wood as the cabinet. Tivoli Audio will sell 1,600 of these, all individually numbered.

Tivoli Audio Model One BT 20th Anniversary limited edition