Tokyoflash Robot watch

Tokyoflash Robot watch, design concept

Tokyoflash Robot watch, design concept

The Tokyo flash Robot concept design watch is I think the favourite of all the the company’s designs I’ve covered so far.

It’s spacey and modern, without being too much of a cliche. It’s minimalism I think takes the Tokyoflash Robot away from being a cartoonish imagining of the future. Or, as can often be the case, a re-imagining of what the future was going to be from the near past of the 1960s. The sort of thing you could slot into the movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, yet not be seen dead in.

The one thing I’d like to see in this watch would be the ability to change the colour of the display.

I cover how you tell the time on the Robot watch a little further down the page, but I have to say, for the first time I didn’t need the help, I could tell the time from the picture at the top of this story. I must be getting a Tokyoflash kind of ‘timemindset’.

I like the watchband too. It reminds me a little of the tracks on a moon buggy.

Tokyoflash Robot watch, design concept

You can comment on its design aspects on the Tokyoflash blog. And who knows, they may well go ahead and make this watch move from concept to a product you can actually buy.

How do you tell the time on the Tokyoflash Robot?

As ever, the helpful folk have published a picture that explains how the elements of time have been broken down on the watchface – see the picture below.

Tokyoflash Robot watch, design concept

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