Twelve South Magic Wand – orderly and portable

twelvesouth Magic Wand

twelvesouth Magic Wand

Twelve South’s Magic Wand is a neat solution for Mac users with the Apple Magic Trackpad¬†and Apple Wireless Keyboard
who want to maintain order with their computer peripherals.

The Magic Wand is a connecting channel made of polycarbonate that will physically connect the Magic Trackpad to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The use of a plastic material is deliberate, so as not to scratch the metal of the two connected peripherals.

Connection is via a simple snap-on. And there’s no issue with handedness, you can connect the Magic Trackpad to either the left or the right of the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

All up the Twelve South Magic Wand weights 45 grams. So as not affect the Tap to Click function of the Magic Trackpad, you are able to put a small gap between the trackpad and the keyboard.

Magic Wand price and availability

The Twelve South Magic Wand has an RRP of US$29.99. You’re able to buy the Magic Wand, and the rest of the twelve south range, at Amazon’s twelve south store

Of course the Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard are not included in this price. These two items can be purchased separately at the Apple Store

Magic Wand video