Vodafone & 3’s iPhone 4 midnight par-tay

Vodafone and 3 are throwing a midnight party in Sydney for customers who want to get their hands on an iPhone 4 nice and early.

Apple iPhone 4Telstra’s opening some of their stores at midnight on Thursday to open up the iPhone 4 hunting season.

Vodafone and 3 are going a different way. They’re throwing a party in Sydney. They’re allowing for an unspecified number of guests to register their interest in the iPhone 4 at the 3 and Vodafone Store, located at 285 George Street, Sydney, from 10 pm. They run the customer over the plans on offer, and give you a number.

Then it’s off to a party at The Ivy nightclub, for food, drinks and entertainment. Each person at the party receives two alcoholic drink vouchers, plus complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. At midnight, the registered iPhone 4 customers are taken in numerical order back to the store to purchase their iPhone 4.

John Casey, Director of Marketing at Vodafone Hutchison Australia, said, “When our valued Vodafone and 3 customers come out on a cold, wet night to buy this highly anticipated device, we don’t want them freezing, waiting in a queue. If they have to wait, we want to look after them in style. At the end of an awesome night, they will walk away with their newly purchased iPhone 4!”

A few things to know. Firstly, it’s a nightclub and there’s alcohol, so to get in to the party you must be 18. Another point regarding alcohol, intoxicated guests will be refused service at the 3 and Vodafone store. And again, the place to start is the 3 and Vodafone store at 285 George Street.

So if you want an iPhone 4, and you’re a 3 or Vodafone customer, or want to be, it might be a fun, and warm way to do the midnight queue thing. But know this – there will be a limited number of guests allowed in, and a limited number of iPhone 4s to purchase. I’ve asked 3 and Vodafone what those numbers might be, but they have not yet replied. If you’re going to go, go early. Otherwise it’s off to join the midnight queue at the Telstra stores, or waiting until 8 am when the Apple store(s) open.

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