Tokyoflash Space Digit watch

Tokyoflash Space Digit watch

OK Tokyo flash boffins, with the Space Digit watch you’ve designed what I think is my favourite watch of yours to date.

Touch a button, and the face lights up with predominantly blue digits, with flashing white digits indicating the time.

Tokyoflash Space Digit watch

How do you tell the time on the Tokyoflash Space Digit?

As ever, the helpful folk have published a picture that explains how the elements of time have been broken down on the watchface – see the picture below.

Tokyoflash Space Digit watch - explanation of how to read the time

As with all of this company’s concept designs, you can comment on its design aspects on the Tokyoflash blog. And who knows, they may well go ahead and make this watch move from concept to purchasable item.

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