Autographer – a camera you wear, set, and almost forget

The Autographer wearable digital camera

The Autographer is a wearable digital camera, that automatically takes pictures throughout your day. Not so much watching Big Brother as being Big Brother.

It can be worn clipped to your clothing, or hung around your neck. The frequency of the automatic image capture can be adjusted – not many when you’re dozing on the couch, lots when you’re base jumping. If you don’t want images taken, simply close the lens.

It’s not a ‘flat’ shot that the Autographer provides. Instead it’s something of a fisheye shot from the a lens that has a 136-degree field of view.

A collection of images taken by the Autographer wearable digital camera

Inside the device are five sensors – ambient light, accelerometer, magnetometer, PIR, and temperature – that are added as metadata to the shots. Inbuilt GPS will provide location data to each and every image.

Fully charged you should obtain a full day on the battery. Inside is 8GB of storage, and the Autographer is made from

Makers OMG have an app and desktop software to accompany the camera. The app pairs with the Autographer by Bluetooth, and allows you to view and share your images, plus apply settings to the camera. The desktop software allows you to view, share and arrange your stream of shots. More life can be added by converting a series of shots into an animated gif, fashion them into a stop motion video, or have them all placed where they were taken on a map.

Does that sound like a brave new world of mobile photography that might interest you? If yes, you’ll be able to order online soon from UK-based The cost? £399.

Autographer specifications

  • 8GB internal memory
  • 5 on board smart sensors + GPS (ambient light / accelerometer / magnetometer / PIR / temperature)
  • Bluetooth
  • 136 degree field of view
  • Glass hybrid wide angle precision optics
  • Fixed focus
  • 5MPx low light sensor
  • Dedicated smartphone app – view, tag and share the images
  • Weight: 58g
  • Width 37.4 mm (with side buttons)
  • Length 90mm; 95.5mm (with lanyard ring)
  • Thickness 22.93mm (with clip and lens)