Bang & Olufsen Play H4 headphones: with or without wires

Bang & Olufsen Play H4 wireless headphones San Fran

What with the audio jack becoming the dodo bird of smartphone connectivity, wireless headphones are a growth category right now. And from Bang & Olufsen, here’s its latest entrant, the Play H4 headphones.

Before you curse the way of new devices and their lack of jack, the H4 headphones can also be used with a cord – there’s a 1.2 metre audio cord in the box.

Designed by Jakob Wagner, — designer of amongst of other B&O products, including the Beolab 19 speaker — the Play H4 wireless headphones are made from lambskin leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textile cord, and all up weigh 235 grams. At launch, the only colour on offer is charcoal grey.

The control buttons are located on the right ear cup, allowing you  pair with a device via Bluetooth, and to control music and phone calls.  The H4s will take 2.5 hours to get to a full charge, and that will provide you up to 19 hours of use.

The inbuilt microphone is omnidirectional, to help make you easily heard when talking on your phone.

The headphones will work when located within 10 metres of the device you want to listen to, and the last 8 devices you paired with will be ‘remembered’.

Price and availability

The Play H4 headphones are in Bang & Olufsen stores now, selling for an RRP of $399.

Buy the Bang & Olufsen Play H4 headphones online now.

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