Charlie Brooker vs the iPad 2

Watch Charlie Brooker sound off on the Apple iPad 2, the launch event, and Apple itself. It's savage, funny and not without a good point or two.

Photo Booth for the iPad 2

One way or another, Apple’s announcement of the iPad 2 last week generated a lot of comment. Amidst all the instant gadget love there was a fair degree of disappointment expressed. A lot of “Is that it’.

Which is fair enough. Along with the (let’s be honest, pending) emergence of tablets running Google’s Android Honeycomb, and the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry PlayBook, there’s also an increasing degree of a desire to see Apple stumble.

I’m a little surprised by the level of disappointment. I expected an evolution rather than revolution with the iPad 2. Apple sold 15 million of the first iPad, so they know they’re on a good thing, and that they got it reasonably right the first time. In my time with the iPad the bulk of the device was an issue for me, and anything done to improve the processing power, and accompanying improved speed is a good thing. The iPad 2 is smaller, lighter and more powerful, so they’ve addressed my main concerns with the new device.

But there are people who expected more. Charlie Brooker, for one, is less than impressed with the iPad 2, with the launch event, and with Apple in general. If you’ve not heard of him, Charlie Brooker is a journalist, broadcaster and comic writer, and amongst the many topics he riffs about is gadgets. And he has form in his dislike of Apple.

See below Charlie’s take on the iPad 2, taken from the TV show ’10 O’Clock Live’. It’s savage, it’s funny, and it does I think make some good points. It also contains a few f-bombs, so if you don’t like bad language, give it a miss. If you’re linguistically brave, enjoy!