Classé’s new Delta series amplifiers

Classé CA M600 amplifier

Classé CA M600 amplifier

Top-end Canadian brand Classé has announced four new amplifiers for its Delta series, all of which are now in stock at Classé retailers. The CA-M300 and CA-M600 are both monaural, and rated for 300 and 600 watts respectively. The stereo CA-2300 is rated at 2 x 300 watts, and the multichannel CA-5300 5 x 300 watts.

There’s a definite familiarity to the look of the amplifiers, but its inside where it really counts that the changes and upgrades reside. Firstly, Classé has developed a new miniaturised driver-stage circuit to minimise noise and distortion, plus shortens the signal path for superior performance.

But the big innovation in these four new models is Classé’s new ICTunnel technology. Taking a cue from medical and laser imaging equipment, the ICTunnel technology has the amplifiers reaching their optimum temperature within 15 minutes of switching on the devices, and then keeping them at that optimum for as long as it is switched on, regardless of the how hard you push the amplifier, or how long it’s switched on for.

Externally the new amplifiers share the familiar rounded fascia and aluminium-steel construction. I did mention Classé is a top-end brand, so the prices are also in the high-end of the scale:

  • CA-M300, 1 x 300w – $7,500 each
  • CA-M600, 1 x 600w – $11,500 each
  • CA-2300, 2 x 300w – $11,500
  • CA-5300, 5 x 300w – $15,500