CMYK Color Analog Watch Design

Tokyoflash CMYK Color Analog Watch Design

Tokyoflash have opened up their blog over the last couple of months, allowing everyone to submit Tokyoflash-inspired watch designs. Tokyoflash calls it the Design Challenge. The best designs are showcased on the Tokyo flash site, and a lucky few designs may be manufactured, with the lucky designer to collect a commission on sales.

Tokyoflash advise that “There is no deadline for submissions and the design challenge is open indefinitely”.

The picture accompanying this story is an entry courtesy of Stefano from Italy, that he calls CMYK. It’s an interesting design, but it’s far easier to read than your typical Tokyo flash watch. It’s a straight lift of a standard analog watch – the green dot represents the hour, the blue dot is the minutes, and around the outside the small black dot represents the seconds.

I’m not sure the white watchband works, but that’s easily replaced. Nice work Stefano!