Cottin iPad modifications – less bling, more zing

Cottin iPad makeover in nickelnoir

Often, when you read about expensive, blinged-up, modified iPads, they’re just stupid looking, jewel-encrusted things. The modded iPads from French company Cottin, are expensive, but they’re really not bad looking.

Well, that’s what I think anyway. I’ve added a few pictures of a few of the Cottin iPad options, so have a look, and feel free to comment. Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of this page, and leave your comments in the Leave A Reply section.

What do Cottin do? In its words:

Cottin retouches the iPad by Apple by applying its own craftsmanship. Bespoke finishes including coating or plating of the case, leather inserts, etching and Apple logo in quality materials creates a unique iPad. The decoration is done directly on the original case in order to preserve the thinness and superb design.

The modifications cost 1,290 Euros. That’s 1,290 Euros on top of the iPad cost. Then there’s the covers. Optional, and at a cost of between 360 and 590 Euros. Materials for the covers include leather,┬áiguana skin, and alligator skin. Oh, and that shiny Apple logo on the back… that’s platinum.

Cottin iPad gallery

Cottin iPad modification - vieilargent

Cottin iPad modification, laqueblanche

Cottin iPad covers