Eton Soulra solar-powered iPod dock

Eton Soulra solar-powered iPod dock

The Etón SoulraiPod dock is just the trick for those who want tunes on the go. Yes, it can be plugged in to a power point, but its real party trick is the solar panel that can be used to power the device, via its Lithium-ion battery. Using the solar panel, the battery will fully charge in 10 hours, and provide 4 hours playback at medium volume.

The solar panel doubles as the cover for the iPod Touch or iPhone sitting in the dock, helping the Eton Soulra gain its IPX4 splashproof rating.

Eton Soulra solar-powered iPod dock


  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Rated IPX4 splashproof
  • Rubberised aluminium body
  • DC input, audio input
  • 11w stereo speakers

Eton Soulra iPod dock price

The Etón SoulraiPod dock can be found at online stores for $199.

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