Fred 500XL speakers – earbuds on steroids

Fred 500XL speakers

Fred 500XL speakers

Ever look at your earbud speakers and thought, “Man, I wish they were 500 times bigger so that I could use them as speakers for my computer and portable AV player!”.

Then happy day, for the Fred 500XL is just such a speaker. They can run powered by batteries, or connection to a computer USB port, or you could purchase a power supply to run the 500XL by power point.

Fred 500XL price and availability

The Fred 500XL speakers are available from a selection of online stores, including Amazon, and sell for between US$40 and US$48.

Fred 500XL speakers

Fred 500XL speakers – specifications

  • Speaker size: 32 mm diameter
  • Rating: 3 Watt
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency response: 250 – 10000Hz
  • Maximum power output: 1.5w (USB) or 1.4w (battery)
  • Accessories: 3.5 mm audio jack cable x 1 & USB power cable x 1
  • Dimensions: 100 x 85 x 170 mm (L x D x H)
  • Weight: 415 grams (without batteries)