Help design the Nokia phone you would like to see made

Nokia's Design by Community – creating the ultimate concept device

Nokia Morph concept mobile phoneEver wanted to tell a major international mobile phone maker exactly the style and specs of the mobile phone you’d like to see made? Now’s your chance. Kind of.

Nokia, on their Conversations blog, have started up a new project, called ‘Design by Community – creating the ultimate concept device’. But, and this is where the ‘kind of’ I mentioned above comes into play, they won’t ACTUALLY make the device.

In Nokia’s words:

“Design by Community is capturing the collective thoughts of Conversations readers to define the ultimate concept mobile device. To avoid creating some kind of unwieldy beast, we’ve created a series of steps and every week, we’ll put new variables to the public vote. Once the product specs have been defined, we’ll get Nokia’s design team to turn them into a series of concept sketches which you can vote for. The winner will be turned into a design concept render and revealed exclusively on Conversations in May.”

And no, the plan isn’t to actually make the product, this is more an exercise in collaboration sprinkled with some future thinking. More than anything, it’s a bit of fun. But it has stirred up the Nokia community, judging by the firmly stated opinions in the blog’s comments.

The project schedule is as follows:

  • March 15 – Display and user interface
  • March 22 – Size and shape
  • March 29 – Materials
  • April 5 – Operating system
  • April 12 – Connectivity
  • April 19 – Camera
  • April 26 – Enhancements
  • May – Design concept sketches
  • May – Design render

Nokia's Design by Community – creating the ultimate concept device
If you want to take part, visit the Design by Community – creating the ultimate concept device site (site will open in a new window).

The guys at SlashGear had fun with this, mentioning that the resulting phone could very well be the smartphone version of The Homer.

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