Name the Nokia Design by Community phone

The Nokia Design by Community smartphone design project has been running for 2 months now, and the time has come to give the design a 'proper' name.

Nokia Design by Community projectFor the past few weeks I’ve been keeping track of developments in the Nokia Design By Community project. There’s been quite a lot of voting, on everything from form factor to operating system to camera specifications.

If you’ve missed the earlier posts, here are the links, so you can catch up on things:

All the big decisions have been made, there remains one more area to vote on – the name.

The final 15 names

Already 148 possible names have been whittled down to 15. Voting is via the Nokia Conversations blog, and you have until Friday afternoon (European time).

Here are the final 15 names:

  • Nokia Aurora
  • Nokia Alpha
  • Nokia Ace
  • Nokia Fusion
  • Nokia eVo
  • Nokia Inspire
  • Nokia Nova
  • Nokia Link
  • Nokia Magnum
  • Nokia Sense
  • Nokia U
  • Nokia U Series
  • Nokia Soul
  • Nokia Unity
  • Nokia V7

The Nokia Sense has a little bit of HTC nomenclature about it, while the Nokia V7 is Microsoft-esque.

Which of these do you like? You can head on over the the Nokia Conversations Blog and vote within the constraints of the 15 listed above, or you might like to suggest your own – feel free to add your name in the comments section below.

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