iPad microSIM card on sale early

Reports have surfaced that microSIM cards for the iPad 3G will be on sale as early as tomorrow, ahead of the Friday launch of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi & iPad 3G.

Apple iPad

microSIM cards for the iPad 3G will go on sale ahead of the Friday launch of the iPad, according to David Flynn over at APCMag.

Flynn writes that Telstra will have their microSIM pack on sale tomorrow, with Optus to follow suit this Wednesday.

Both Telstra and Optus are selling the microSIM kit for the iPad 3G for $30, and both companies give you an initial 3GB allowance with the introductory kit.

So if you’re lucky enough to have ordered early and having your precious iPad 3G on Friday, or if you’re able to secure one on Friday queueing at a retail store, then you can have your data plan ready to go.

For further information on the Telstra and Optus data plans, see the following articles:

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For the pricing of the devices themselves, the Apple iPad Wi-Fi and the Apple iPad 3G, read:

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