Telstra’s Apple iPad 3G data pricing

Tesltra iPd 3G data pricing table

Apple iPad

Telstra has announced its data pricing for the Apple iPad 3G, and it’s not too bad at all. Firstly, I like that it has been quick off the mark, what with Apple only yesterday announcing the retail prices of the iPads. Secondly, they’re decent prices. I’m still critical of the fact that you only get 30 days to use the allotted data, but other than than, it’s a pleasant surprise.

The pricing is as follows:

Tesltra iPd 3G data pricing table

The big thing to note – no contracts. It’s all just pre-paid, with, as mentioned, 30 days to use the data you’ve paid for. Use it, or lose it! Please note that the price per MB in the table above is not excess charges over the allowance – it is simply the cost per MB of the month’s allowance.

First up you’ll need to purchase a pre-paid SIM card, which will cost you $30, which comes bundled with 1GB of data. As an introductory bonus, if you purchase the SIM card and activate it before 30 June 2010, you’ll receive an additional 2GB of data.

These data plans are available from the day the iPad goes on sale in Australia, May 28.

So, over to you Optus and Vodafone. How are you guys going to present a sweeter deal?

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