Jetlev Flyer – a water-powered jetpack

Jetlev Flyer, Jetlev Jetpack, Jetlev personal flight machine

Jetlev Flyer, Jetlev Jetpack, Jetlev personal flight machine

The Martin Jetpack has a competitor in the personal jetpack space, the Jetlev Flyer, though it takes a very different approach to getting flying through the air with hopefully the greatest of ease.

While the flight controls and propulsion jets are very much part of the flying harness, the engine and fuel storage is not. Instead they are attached via a 10-metre long flexible hose to a tender, which is responsible for the propulsion and fuel.

Another different approach the Jetlev Flyer takes is that is not air propelling the pilot in the air, rather it is water, drawn from the tender. So yes, you are restricted to flying just under 10 metres in the air, and over water. A commuter it is not, it’s purely built for fun, a jetski on steroids if you will.

The initial model of the Jetlev Flyer is powered by a 250 horsepower engine, generating 500 lbf (2220 N) of thrust.

Before you head down to watch the video of the Jetlev Flyer in action, how about a little information on the price? A little information on the big price – US$160,000. Now, to the video…

Jetlev Flyer specifications

  • Jetpack dry weight (approx.): 14 kg
  • Maximum Thrust: 430 lbf (1,900 N)
  • Thrust-to-weight (150-lb or 68 kg pilot, at takeoff): 2.3 : 1
  • Measured top speed (150-lb or 68 kg pilot): 35 kilometres per hour
  • Hose length: 10 metres
  • Flight ceiling (measured at feet level): 28 feet (8.5 m)
  • Duration at wide open throttle (approx.) 1 hour
  • Duration at cruising speed (approx.) 1-2 hours
What do you think? Is the Jetlev Flyer hours of water-charged fun, or a height-limited parasail session?