Nike Zoom Kobe VI 3D – really, 3D shoes?

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 3D shoes

There’s 3D movies, 3D TVs, 3D Blu-ray players, and now 3D basketball shoes – the Nike Zoom Kobe VI 3D.

Watching ‘Conan’* the other night I thought it might have been some sort of comedy ‘bit’, but no, it’s true, Nike have made a 3D basketball shoe. Shoes are of course already 3D, ‘everyday 3D’, but these shoes are of the ‘whizzbang 3D’ variety.

The point? None really, it’s a different colourway and obviously a talking point. Like some 3D films this is just 3D for 3D’s sake. A pair of 3D glasses is included in the box, but wearing those on the court is probably not a good idea.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 3D shoes

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI 3D shoes go on sale in the USA on February 9, to co-incide with the NBA All-Star game, and will sell for US$249.99.

*That’s Conan O’Brien’s TV chat show, not the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, once described by Clive James as a ‘brown condom filled with walnuts’.