JVC UX-VJ series – friend to iPad, iPhone AND iPod

There’s no need to be iPicky with your iDevices when you pick up one of JVC’s UX-VJ series of micro component systems. It can happily accommodate an iPad and an iPhone or iPod (Touch, Classic and 2G Nano and later) simultaneously and at the same time. The top of the line in the VC UX-VJ series even throws in a CD player for good measure.

JVC UX-VJ5 iPad, iPhone and iPod dock, white, with iPad and iPod docked

The VC UX-VJ series is composed of two models – the UX-VJ5 and the UX-VJ3. The difference between the two is in range of colours (though colour choice in Australia is more limited than is the case in Europe), and, as mentioned above, the UX-VJ5 also plays CDs, the player located behind the position in which the iPad docks.

JVC UX-VJ5 iPad, iPhone and iPod dock. white, with CD player

The dock for the iPod and iPhone rotates, allowing you to position the Apple device in either portrait or landscape mode.

The dimensions of both models is 290 x 186.5 x 155 mm (W x H x D), and each weighs 1.7 kilograms.

JVC UX-VJ5 iPad, iPhone and iPod dock, close-up of buttons

JVC UX-VJ series – price and colour range

Australian pricing for the JVC UX-VJ series is as follows:

  • UX-VJ3, white only, $329 (overseas has a greater colour range, being also available in pink and green)
  • UX-VJ5, black or white, $369 (overseas also purple)

Main features

  • Surround Sound mode
  • Remote control
  • 30W total power
  • Source: iPod, iPhone, iPad, USB, FM/AM tuner, PC input, audio input, CD (UX-VJ5 only)