Kenchikukagu – rooms in a box

Like to have a home office, but just don’t have the room? Or a room? How about a guest room or kitchen that folds away? Then the Kenchikukagu ‘architectural furniture’ from Atelier OPA might be your solution.

The furniture turns from this:

kenchikukagu architectural furniture

Into this:

kenchikukagu architectural furniture

Pictured above are the Foldaway Office, Mobile Kitchen and Foldaway Guest Room. For now, only the Foldaway Office is available, the kitchen and the guest room, plus a Foldaway Kids Office, will be available in 2011.

Colour choices for the Foldaway Office are silver, black or red, or with a natural or dark wood trim. The price is 180,000 Japanese yen, plus shipping cost from China to you. That’s around $2,200 Australian. The only other pricing available for the other unit is the Foldaway Kids Office, which will cost 120,000 Japanese yen, again plus shipping cost.

Orders can be arranged via the Atelier OPA website.

kenchikukagu architectural furniture