The latest leaked iPhone 5 pictures

iPhone 5 leaked image? June 2012

There is of course no real proof that this is the real thing, indeed it seems that these are rendered photos of an iPhone 5, but Chinese site has published what it claims are ‘leaked’ Apple iPhone 5. Indeed in the last hour AppleInsider has cast doubt on the veracity of the images.

What they are is essentially a compilation of the iPhone 5 rumours greatest hits. Namely:

  • The bigger 4-inch screen
  • The small dock connection
  • Bigger speakers

Translated via Google, the Chinese site had this to say:

iPhone5 leak, this is of iPhone5 true machine photos you? Is incredible, has not released the WWDC 2012 General Assembly on the new iPhone, the iPhone5 the most likely photos leaked, there is no PS traces ah!

In this group photo authenticity unconfirmed!

UPDATE: As expected, these images have proven to be fake. They are the work of Martin Hajek, and were based on earlier alleged ‘leaked’ pictures of new iPhone cases. What will it really look like? We’ll know closer to the iPhone 5 release date, which is expected to be late September, early October.

And on to the rest of the (fake) iPhone 5 images…


iPhone 5 leak? June 2012, back of phone



iPhone 5 leak? June 2012, front, screen on

iPhone 5 leak? June 2012, front of phone