Leaked iPhone 5 video?

iPhone 5 leak? June 2012, front, screen on

Hot on the heels of the “leaked” iPhone 5 photos of the past week, here’s a video showing what is purported to be the back case of the upcoming iPhone 5.

What is making the most noise in the iPhone rumour mill is what is claimed to be a move from a 30-point dock connector to a 19-point dock connector. Smaller yes, but also a move that renders all existing iPhone accessories obsolete that involve themselves in and around the dock connection.

Also seemingly confirmed by this video is the increased screen size of the iPhone 5, and the rumoured 16:9 aspect screen ratio.

But of course we’re well and truly in the extreme iPhone 5 rumour season, a few months out from the anticipated release date of the actual iPhone 5. Or, if Apple go with the naming style of the latest iPad, perhaps rather than the iPhone 5 it will revert to being named the new iPhone.