Gerber Steady Tool – a tripod in your pocket

Gerber Steady Tool, holding a camera

Now here’s a handy multi-blade knife, the Gerber Steady Tool. It has 12 stainless steel components, including many your your average ‘penknife’ attachments, such as fine edge blade, serrated blade, three screwdrivers, bottle opener, needle nose pliers and wire cutters.

The added trick of the Gerber Steady Tool, is on that might catch the attention of photographers and phoneographers. There’s a screw-in mount attachment that accommodates a camera weighing up to 340 grams, or a smartphone up to 170 grams. That, and there’s a couple of foldout legs, turns the Steady Tool into a tripod. Or, if you want to be pedantic, a bipod.

Take your legged pick, the main thing being if you’re tight for space, or just want to be ready for anything, you can have some sort of tripod in your pocket.

National Geographic thought well of the Gerber Steady Tool, enough to give it a Gear of the Year award for 2012.

The RRP is US$64, but at the time of writing you can buy the Gerber Steady Tool online for about $US45.

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