Life-Phorm – one stand for phones, tablet computers & cameras

Life-Phorm iPad, phone and camera holder

The upcoming Life-Phorm is a very adaptable looking device holder, working for all manner of phones, tablet computers and cameras. That’s the one holder for all those devices, and the one holder that can be used in a number of ways – be sure to watch the video below.

When I say Life-Phorm, I should talk in plural, as there will be two models, the Life-Phorm Pro, and the Life-Phorm. They’ll both perform the same job for multiple devices, but the Life-Phorm Pro will be made of carbon fibre and aluminium, while the Life-Phorm is a plastic and metal version.

The Life-Phorm and Life-Phorm Pro will be made by a US-based company, by the name of Lethal Protection. They were shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, indeed the Life-Phorm Pro was named a Honoree for Innovation in Design and Engineering at the show.

Life-Phorm holding a camera in place

The Life-Phorm is anticipated to be on sale before the end of July, while the more upmarket Life-Phorm Pro will be available in late August. There’s no pricing yet on the cheaper model, but the price of the Life-Phorm Pro has been set initially at US$127.49 (excluding shipping).

Life-Phorm Pro, and the Life-Phorm - holds your phones, tablet computers and cameras

To see the Life-Phorm in action, and its sheer adaptability and usability, watch this short video: