M-Edge SuperShell protects iPad 2 from drop damage

M-Edge SuperShell iPad case, frontThe iPad 2 is a great device, but being often handheld and mobile, there’s always the danger of it being dropped and damaged. Then the M-Edge Supershell iPad 2 case may well add a little insurance for any digital drop disasters.

The SuperShell is made of a closed cell foam, that makers M-Edge claim “helps absorb shocks if iPad is dropped”. Key word there is helps – I wonder how the SuperShell would protect a screen-side drop. To guard the four corners of the iPad 2, the foam corners have a little extra padding. Another feature, to help prevent the drop happening in the first place, is the fact that the dimpled texture of the foam case promotes grip.

Access to buttons while the SuperShell is in place is not problem, neither is the connector dock, slots and holes provide access to all controls and connectors.

While in its blurb M-Edge says that the SuperShell is “Available in superhero colors”, to date there is only the one colour, atomic green, as shown in the pictures accompanying this article. It’s very bright – sunglasses might come in handy, lest there be any blinding-colour induced clumsiness.

M-Edge SuperShell, the opening for the iPad dock connection

A close-up of the opening for the iPad 2 dock connection

SuperShell price and online purchase

The M-Edge SuperShell is available for purchase online, and has an RRP of US$29.99.

Buy the SuperShell and more, online at theĀ M-Edge Amazon storefront
M-Edge SuperShell iPad case, front angle

Would you trust the M-Edge SuperShell to protect your iPad 2, or do you see it more as a decorative case?