Mobile World Congress 2011 Award Winners

Here are the big winners in this year's Global Mobile Awards, part of the Mobile World Congress 2011 held in Barcelona last week.

Apple iPhone 4 close up

The biggest mobile device show in the world, Mobile World Congress, is over for another year. In addition to the showing off of the new and upcoming shiny, there’s also an awards show attached, the Global Mobile Awards.

Here’s a list of the winners in the awards that matter… in terms of what we cover here at TechStyles.

  • Best Mobile DeviceApple iPhone 4
  • Device Manufacturer of the YearHTC
  • App of the Year on the Apple Platform – Angry Birds
  • App of the Year on the BlackBerry App World Platform – BlackBerry Messenger
  • App of the Year on the Android Platform – Google Maps
  • App of the Year on the Nokia Platform – Zum Zum
  • Best Mobile App – Angry Birds

Congratulations to the winners, but don’t be resting on those laurels, we want more, and we want better in 2011. Apple, your homework this year is to get that antenna and glass right in the iPhone 5. HTC, I like what you do inside your mobile devices, but I’d like to see more adventurousness in the look of your phones. Android, get the versioning right, and have the telcos and phone manufacturers move quickly to provide updates to the operating system. Nokia, play nicely with Microsoft, and vice versa, but you really do want phones available before the reported time of the end of the year.