OCD Chef Cutting Board – extreme order out of food chaos

Wanting to get in and practice for your possible starring role in the next season of “So You Think My Masterchef Kitchen Rules”? Want to make sure of confidence in your dicing, julienne, brunoise, jardiniere, macedoine and paysanne skills? Or are you just plain anally retentive? Then the OCD Chef Cutting Board¬†could help get your knife skills in order.

The OCD Chef Cutting Board from Fred & Friends

The OCD Chef Cutting Board comes from the innovative design company Fred & Friends, and is a 9″ x 12″ cutting board, made of beechwood. Printed onto the beechwood top is a grid designed to have you cut food with a degree of exactitude that will keep a hatted chef from picking on you on national TV. For your knife skills that is. You’d still be out there on a limb hoping your risotto meets the lofty standards of the judges.