Pivot Power – powerboards with room

Quirky Pivot Power Powerboard

Quirky Pivot Power Powerboard

The flexible nature of the Pivot Power powerboard solves the problem of being able to use multiple large power adapters on the one powerboard, and, if needed, bend around furniture.

The Pivot Power will be available soon, selling for US$25, on the Quirky website. At this point it’s only being made for US and European plug types.

Quirky Pivot Power Powerboard

Judging by the comments on the Quirky site, there appear to be plans to make more international configurations in the future, but it will all depend on how these first versions go.

It also appears that there has been some frustration around the time taken to create the product. Quirky is something of a social media way of doing things. People all over the world send in product ideas, then many people can collaborate on the ideas, while designers at Quirky make the models, and then, eventually, some of the products.

According to founder Ben Kaufman, who also founded the Mophie accessories brand:

It’s individuals having a little piece of something huge. We have an amazing team who are literally going to take one product every few days and make it become a reality.

Watch the Pivot Power video

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