Samsung Galaxy Tab release date & price confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy goes on sale next week, packed with a few bonus features and apps. Unfortunately, the rather high price remains.

Samsung today confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will go on sale across Australia from “week commencing 8th November”. Curious wording, which seems to indicate a rollout of stock, rather than instant stock availability everywhere.

The Galaxy Tab will be sold at major retailers, as well as major mobile carriers on cap plans.

In its press release, Samsung quotes at Table PC survey from GfK Australia, Retail Market Insights, indicating that:

… of Australians intending to purchase a tablet device, 64% of them intend to use it for navigation and e-reading applications, 73% for consuming news and 74% for gaming.

In line with that research, buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will receive:

  • a two month trial of ‘The Australian’ news app
  • a free download of the full version of the Need for Speed SHIFT game from Electronic Arts
  • pre-loaded Australian and New Zealand maps from Navteq, and 2D and 3D map views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, drive and walk modes and intelligent address search from Navigon

Sold separately will be a car kit to enable legal use of the Galaxy Tab for in-car navigations.

The one bad bit of news released today is that the price is still $999 RRP.

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