Sex, lies and the Nokia N8

Pamela Anderson and the Nokia N8

Pamela Anderson and the Nokia N8

We’re fast coming up on Nokia’s big new mobile phone release, the budget-priced N8 smartphone. More details, and perhaps the exact release date of the N8, will be announced at next week’s Nokia World 2010, taking place in London.

Speaking of the UK, details have emerged on the marketing campaigns used by Nokia UK to promote the N8. It’s going to be the a heady little mix of Pamela Anderson, Ed Westwick, aka Chuck from ‘Gossip Girl’, and Joe or Josephine public.

Pamela Andersen will feature in an ad, to be actually shot using an N8 phone, called ‘The Commuter’. Nokia UK will also run a competition, in which two entrants will win a role in the ad. The first winner’s face will show on the screen of the Nokia N8, as Pamela Anderson rolls over in bed – of course – to answer the phone.

The second entrant will appear in the ad in a scene set in a lift, a scene they will share with Ed Westwick.

John Nichols, head of marketing at Nokia UK, said it wanted to create a film to showcase the “Hollywood quality” of the camera.

The competition, and the ad campaign, are UK only I’m afraid. But the web being what it is, the video is sure to go a little bit viral, so you’re sure to run across that well known gadgeteer, Pamela Anderson spruiking the Nokia N8.

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