TechStyles Top 10 – November 2010

Here are the top 10 TechStyles stories read over the month of November 2010.

iRetrofone SteampunkHere we have the top 10 stories read on TechStyles over the month of November. The most-read story, by a very long way was the iRetrofone Steampunk piece. This was thanks to it going big on the StumbleUpon website. If you’ve not done so join up, it’s a terrific way to find to interesting websites and pages.

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Now, to the top 10…

1. iRetrofone Steampunk – take your iPhone back to the future – when design worlds collide. The iRetrofone Steampunk is a home phone styled after one of the bakelite phones of the 1950s/60s, run through the steampunk filter, and built to house your iPhone.

2. Nokia N8 smartphone preview – after a long, long, long build-up, this smartphone and its new Symbian^3 operating system is finally in stores.

3. Win 1 of 3 copies of Alien Anthology Limited Edition – this is one of the most complete movie packages on disc to be released. Get in quickly, this competition close on December 9!

4. White iPhone 4 – none till the end of the year – well, as it turns out there will be no white iPhone 4 until March 2011. Maybe.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab release date announced – another gadget with a somewhat long lead-up. It’s been generally well-accepted, but it gave the iPad a big start.

6. HTC Desire GPS issue – fix expected soon – I’m surprised this one is still popping up, this issue is long-resolved!

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8. Brennan JB7 – CD player with up to a 5,000 CD disc capacity hard drive – available to buy online only, this device has been a real success story, both in terms of its sales, and its longevity in the TechStyles Top 10.

9. Family Guy: It’s a Trap! – Star Wars spoof, part 3 – a hopefully irreverent and funny pisstake of ‘The Return of the Jedi’, due for release on December 22. Why so damn close to Christmas?

10. Henge Docks – docking stations for Apple Mac notebooks – another old favourite in our top 10. This is a smart design solution, and MacBook and MacBook Pro owners like the way it looks, and the way it works.