Tokyoflash Echo watch

Tokyoflash Echo watch

The Tokyoflash Echo watch – boy the designers are really throwing out the ideas at the moment!

I’m normally more a fan of a round watch, but in making the actual watchface of the Echo round, that alone could make me almost quite like this watch. But what places it firmly in the positive for me on the ‘like’ side of the ledger, is the idea of changing the colour of the backlight of the watch – green. blue, purple, yellow. Depending upon your mood, or your clothes, you can change the look of the with with the click of a switch.

You can comment on its design aspects on the Tokyflash blog. And who knows, they may well go ahead and make this watch move from concept to a product you can actually buy.

Tokyoflash Echo watch

How do you tell the time on the Tokyo flash Echo?

In terms of making you work hard at working out how to tell the time, the Echo is a bit of mix really. The seconds hand running around the outside is a direct lift of the conventional seconds hand on watches. The hours and 5 minute group sections of the display, while being typical Tokyoflash, essentially mimic positions on conventional watches.

I have to admit, the ‘single minutes (indicated in digital)’, throws me.

The picture below picture explains how the elements of time have been broken down on the watchface. Note also that the time of all the photos accompanying this story place the the in the lower right-hand corner of the photo.

Tokyoflash Echo watch

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